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June 18, 2010, Vijay Bhovan

USA, the West and Barrack Obama - Hypocrisy

First of all, the US government and Barrack Obama, are playing dirty!.
Show a little respect, don't do to others what you would not like done to you. Take some blame for a change.
Heads of BP are in shock with regards what has happened, to humiliate them and treat them in this way in public is not civil.

With regards BP and underwater poison leak and Union Carbide Bhopal/India and methyl isocyanate, it is very clear that the American people value their lives a lot more than Indians.

Within a few weeks $20,000,000,000+ (open cheque) has been extorted from BP and its share holders, where the accident claimed 11+ Human Lives, (Insurance Paid Up), loss of revenue and business for tens of thousands of people, loss of life of sea creatures and pollution of the environment.
In the case of Bhopal and Union Carbide Incident back in 1984, 20,000 people died within weeks, many thousands died since and over half a million people suffering, with blood lines suffering severe consequences of this man made disaster.

In Bhopal's case, the US government hid behind the oceans while a $500,000,000 were given to the Indian government to take responsibility. With that Union carbide and the US government and its people washed their hands of the matter. The Indian government does not come out of this smelling of roses, they have let down their country and people.

With regards Gulf and Bhopal incidents, the lesson we are taught is don't play with poisons and complex substances if we do not understand the consequences. The risks are poorly managed until it is too late.

Who is to blame? Who is at the top? Who is the master?
The President, United Nations, BP, Transocean, Cameron International, the British.
We are the masters, the human society, we need our luxuries, we in the west love cars, swimming pools, heating, air conditioning, plastics and everything that requires millions of barrels of oil a day to make our lives so lovely.

The USA with a population of 330 Million consumes 30% of the world's oil. The rest of the world 6,300 Million consumes the remaining 70%
It's every man for himself. So that means every American (US citizen) consumes 9 times more oil than a NON American!

Guess what, China, India and others want a piece of the action and so we need more oil, we going to bleed the earth and self destruct?.

Here is another nightmare scenario: India and China currently use water to wash after number 2s. They too would like the luxury of toilet tissues, but guess what if they do, then we can say good bye to the remaining forests of trees and any animals that depend on them.


June 15, 2010, Vijay Bhovan

Bill Gates and Microsoft - We should celebrate!

I have to say well done and sincere congratulations to Bill Gates and Microsoft!
We can be very poor at acknowledging great achievements. We are easily lead by a sad and stupid few and like to bash rich, powerful and successful people.

Bill Gates is to me, a living legend. Some people may think of him as a nerd or a geek and I would agree, but he is one of those special people who achieves so much that the impact on mankind is unimaginable.
The PC, the software, the technology, internet, information, Google, Linux, Facebook, Bloomberg, etc.. all should be a little thankful to this man and others like him.

Look at this group of people, they could be featured in any Linux magazine as a team of people doing something for the community.
Guess what in their time, they were. They all succeeded, Bill Gates is so successful, yet a kind and generous soul who selflessly enjoys creativity for human sake.

So come on people! You use Windows and look how good it is now!
You may think the Apple MAC is your thing and Steve Jobs is your King or GOD!
Ok hear he is looking so cool!

Let's celebrate them!, They brought us great innovations and technology to enable better communications. Remember Google, EBay, Amazon and such are built on the framework. Hip! Hip! Hooray!

June 15, 2010, Vijay Bhovan

BP - Oil leak - Obama not fair!!

It is completely illegal for a president and/or government to change laws and behave so heavy handed against any company.

This is not the way for a democracy to act, BP has said it will pay for any damages it is liable for, but the matter is a multi-dimensional issue, and many are involved. The president should not act like a bully, as he is being perceived. BP appears to be doing the best it can and the president and his men need to help and any way he and his people know, rather than sounding off intimidating remarks. This is an accidental disaster with man made mistakes from which we shall learn lessons. Oil is dirty and a poison, but mankind needs it more than gold, diamonds or other commodities. This accident is a direct result of the human race's thirst for energy and the demand to do whatever it can to get it from where ever it can be found. The American government and the international peoples should have rules governing the risk taking, just as in the ongoing financial debacle.

It is not fair to blame BP and paint a picture of a wicked and evil empire, we are all to blame.

We the wise race on earth are causing destruction to the earth and to the innocent creatures that live on land and under the sea. Every day we are destroying so much life and polluting our neighbourhood, I fear for my close predecessors as the future is not bright, its looking bleaker every few months that go by. President Obama's efforts to realise what a tragic impact the slick oil leak has had to the Gulf of Mexico will, I hope awaken in many people to vote for alternative ways to get energy.

After all, energy is required to live comfortably in this harsh world, but Oil, Coal and Gas are carbon based and there are only finite resources. It may last 100 or 1000 years, after that we will need something else. Money and Power are the gains of people who run the Oil industry, just like Tobacco, Guns, Alcohol, Finance and Technology monopolies.

What is the solution?, I do have an answer, but I will sound like a communist if I divulged it!

June 12, 2010, Vijay Bhovan

BP - Oil leak status update!

Thanks for constantly updating us with how much oil/gas is/was collected.!

You fail to understand that we want to know how much oil/gas leaked out into the Gulf waters.
When that figure becomes zero and stays zero the local and global caring people will be much happier.
We know, you will always be collecting oil/gas, that is after all your business - your bread and butter!

We are watching anxiously!!!

June 10, 2010, Vijay Bhovan

BP - Crying over spilt OIL!

Please let's stop this overreaction!
This was an accident, it was not planned and no one is explicitly to blame, unless the global society wishes to own up.
Due to the nature of the incident, communication between BP, the US government/Obama and the global press has been poorly handled. BP can easily afford to foot the cleanup bill and then some, so it would be most wise for the US authorities not to get too complacent and stop acting so apprehensive.

The global society is hungry for energy, remember more than 50% of the world energy resources are consumed by the United States and as far as pollution and other environmental incidents such as Union Carbide - Bhopal there is a lot of owning up to do.
With great power, comes great responsibility, (comic book cliche - quote) and both BP, Barack Obama (BO) need to be wise and prudent.
From where I stand, it looks like we are owed status reporting on what BP/BO are doing! We need hour by hour reports on technical solutions and cleanup plan, compensation plan, etc..
How many other potential deep water wells are there?
I keep seeing news videos of oil still leaking like no improvements being made. I am qualified and understand that 1 mile under water is like being 100s of miles in space. Constraints imposed by the conditions make it very difficult to get results.
It is time now to get the best civilian and military minds together, headed by President Obama, (Avatar Cameron, Branson, Gates, Jobs, Geldof and the likes) and design some clever contraption to solve this implicitly man made problem.
Let us be ready if, no, when this happens again.
We are human and therefore will overcome this catastrophe, we shall have paid a price and learnt lessons, but we shall resolve it wisely, with determination and as a team.
There is a lot of depression around, but remember there are many 1000s of millions of people in the world who have not seen good times yet and are looking forward positively to the future.
There is a lot of loving and living to do, lets wake up and get on with it!
High FIVE!!!!!